Team Wasch Experience


Sporting Goods Event Marketing Tour

  • Situation
    • The company operated an inefficient marketing tour.  The geographic presence for events did not match the company’s sales goals.  Consumer data was not being properly collected and imported into the marketing database
  • Recommendations/Actions 
    • - We analyzed the sponsored events and developed a routing schedule that would minimize fuel usage but reach all key regions
    • - Created a digital registration platform that ensured data capture would be maximized and usable
    • - Developed new processes for securing sponsorships that aligned with sales goals
  • ‚ÄčResults
    • - Grew consumer data collection by 100%+
    • - Increased activation retention by 46%

Fortune 500 Experiential Marketing

  • Situation
    • The company wanted to redesign their event marketing tour to better engage with consumers
  • Recommendations/Actions
    • - Partnered with a third party technology vendor to create a virtual reality experience
    • - Developed an engaging photo opportunity and testimonial booth that integrated the desired brand messaging
  • Results
    • - Developed a new experience that included three interactive areas
    • - Improved activation dwell time to twice the industry average

Professional Sports Team

  • Situation
    • The organization acknowledged an inefficient decision process and wanted an external objective review
  • Recommendations/Actions
    • - Met with club management and staff to fully assess the current organizational structure and processes
    • - Reviewed industry benchmarks to compare and analyze the club’s performance
  • Results
    • - Developed a new streamlined decision process that could decrease decision time
    • - Provided revenue generation recommendations that aligned with the team’s strategic goals


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