5 Small Business Systems That Will Help You Grow

Grant Wasch

It is important to consider the benefit of implementing business systems if you want to help your business grow. Companies of all sizes, from small businesses to Fortune 500’s, rely on business systems to get work done efficiently and streamline their operations. Take account of any problems your business might be running into as it sees significant growth. Is accounting becoming more time-consuming? Are customer concerns falling through the crack? To ensure your business isn’t being held back from growth because of simple problems, make it the business system’s job to solve these problems and create a sustainable solution. Below are a few options for different kinds of business systems that can help.

How can a business system help with growth?

A business system is a process or standardized procedure comprised of a series of tasks that are meant to carry out a specific function. The system is meant to address and streamline a specific problem within the business. When the system is implemented, it should be automatic with very little adjustments needing to be made. An effective business system will make it easier to meet customer needs faster and more efficiently. This also gives employees a standardized template to follow for day-to-day operations. A well-organized business grows faster and more sustainably.

Marketing system

In order to gain general awareness of the product or service that your business offers, you’ll need to make an effort in your marketing. A marketing system should give your business the tools to generate a consist flow of leads. Draw from your marketing plan to make a regular list of tasks that will help your business expand its reach in your respective industry.

Customer relationship management (CRM) system

After you acquire a solid base of clients, you’ll need to maintain your relationship so that they may be compelled to use your services again or spread the news about your business to others. A customer relationship management system should make sure that you can address any customer inquiries in a simple, timely and helpful manner. Make an organized database with details about current customers and possible leads for reference.

Accounting system

Accounting is a sphere where an efficient system will be essential to keep your business running smoothly. Invest in an accounting software that will automate tasks such as processing receivables and payables. Hire an accountant or bookkeeper to help keep these records updated and accurate.

Administration system

To manage those working under the company, an administration system will need to be set in place. This system should ensure that your office operations are running smoothly day to day. For example, implement processes for how accounts and projects will be managed, how your team will communicate, and how you’ll keep track of task progress.

Payroll system

As with accounting, payroll requires meticulous organization of your business’ finances. A payroll system will be essential to keeping track of timely and accurate employee payment, tax documents and any personal deductions. There are many payroll management software programs available to help keep track of these records. This will save time and reduce the margin of error, making it easier on the business when tax season rolls around.

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