How Do You Create a Business Process Flow?

Grant Wasch

The business process flow diagram is at the heart of business process design, as it graphically represents how to complete various processes and tasks at your business. When you take time to create a well-thought-out business process flow, it will be easy for your employees to follow your guidelines to accomplish your goals.

What is a Business Process Flow Diagram?

These diagrams are very straightforward and designed to be a broad overview of the process. Most business process flow diagrams won’t include more nuanced details like exceptions or problems that could happen over the course of executing the diagram.

How Do You Create a Business Process Flow?

While your unique situation might differ and Team Wasch uses variations of this process to best help our clients, the general process for creating a business process flow can look like this:

  1. Determine what the core pieces of the business process are. Before you can determine the business process flow, you need to have an understanding of the inputs and outputs, as well as what activities could be involved.
  2. List out the activities and consider the right order for each step. They should be easy to understand and listed in the business process flow in chronological order.
  3. Select symbols to represent each step of the business process. By using different colors or symbols, your diagram will be even easier to follow quickly and easily. Team Wasch can help you determine the best symbols for your diagram.
  4. Add arrows, lines or dotted lines to the diagram to show the relationships between all of the activities on the diagram.
  5. Label the beginning and the end of the process so that it is immediately clear to anyone trying to complete it. By establishing a beginning and end, it is easier for people to see who and what should be involved.
  6. Review the business process flow diagram carefully to find any weak points or steps that could be confusing. It’s critical to ensure that your diagram is refined and ready for use before you start distributing it to end users.

Improve Your Business Process Flow Diagrams with Team Wasch

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