How Do You Successfully Implement New Technology

Grant Wasch

As your business and the world around it continue to grow and evolve, you will inevitably find yourself in a position where you need to implement new technology. Whether you have a large company or are one of a handful of employees, you should be careful when selecting and implementing new processes and technology. Investing in the wrong technology or making serious errors during the implementation process can lead to decreased productivity, increased stress and wasted money. How can you successfully implement new technology at your business?

The Best Ways to Start Using New Technology

  1. Start with the Basics: Just like when completing business process work, you should start by evaluating why you are looking to implement new technology in the first place. What isn’t working? How are you going to measure whether or not the new technology is working? How much do you have to spend? How much training will it require to teach employees how to use the new system?
  2. Plan the Transition: Next, you need to think about how you will transition from your current business processes to the new technology. Team Wasch can help you to identify the best way to move employees from one system to another and modify your business processes as needed to ensure success. Training and buy-in are often not considered, but they are paramount to getting your new business process and technology to work.
  3. Don’t Rush Things: You’re choosing to implement new technology to meet a goal, whether that’s increasing productivity, increasing profits or another goal entirely. In your excitement to see results, it might be tempting to rush implementation, skip measuring the key performance indicators that you defined or pressure your employees to be faster with the implementation. However, rushing the implementation process can force negative outcomes, or even cause the entire process to fail. Take your time, establish benchmarks and slow down to get things right.
  4. Be Transparent: If your employees understand why you are choosing to implement new technology, they are more likely to buy in and see the importance in what you are doing. One study found that half of employees do not trust that their bosses and employers are honest with them. One way to increase trust is telling them about why you are making changes and get them on board.
  5. Keep Up Momentum: Once your implementation plan ends, how will you ensure that you keep the momentum that you built? Think critically about how you can keep motivation high and ensure 100% participation. Create a team or designate a person who can help ensure that the new technology is successful and becomes a part of your company’s culture and processes.

Implement New Technology Successfully with Team Wasch

Team Wasch understands the challenges of fast-growing businesses, and we know what it takes to get your business to the next level using business process design and business IT systems. To learn more about reducing costs, easing your growing pains and improving efficiency through working with our team, contact us today at 703-407-8020 or by emailing

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