How Systems and Processes Grow Businesses

Grant Wasch

Why are franchise businesses often destined for success? While some of it can be chalked up to the existing brand, part of their success is due to refined systems and processes. Regardless of the location or person making the product, you can expect to receive the same thing that you would at another location of the same chain somewhere else. While your business might be small and not interested in expanding rapidly, the systems and processes you implement can help you to be the most effective and agile business you can be.

Why Do Many Businesses Struggle to Grow?

While many small and mid-sized businesses want to grow, they have trouble actually turning consistent growth into reality. Small businesses often lack established systems and processes that define the precise duties of each job and what is needed to get from point A to point B. When you lack rules and systems that serve as a blueprint for how things should be executed, it’s only natural that you would have results that greatly vary. When there is no “correct” way, there will never be 100% correct results.

Systems and Processes Matter

Many small and mid-sized businesses focus only on the results. After all, if everything is getting done on time, does it matter how it was completed? Systems and processes are the magic that makes results sustainable and consistent over time. In many cases, doing things the most efficient way decreases stress on employees, improves your customer experience and dramatically improves productivity.

How Do Systems and Processes Grow Businesses?

As outlined above, the advantages of systems and processes help to reduce friction and lag time during the execution of sales and services. When all of your business is running like a well-oiled machine, it’s easy to scale up when necessary. What happens if an employee leaves for another opportunity? Instead of struggling to come up with a precise list of duties, you already have a list of everything that they do and how to get the job done. What happens if you get a flood of orders one quarter? You already have the systems in place to rapidly hire and train new employees. Systems and processes make growth simpler.

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