How to Create a Technology Implementation Plan

Grant Wasch

Whether you own a small retail store or a mid-sized B2B company, there will always be new, innovative pieces of technology that you can incorporate into your business. Implementing new technology can be exciting and give you a chance to strengthen weaknesses at your company, connect with new audiences or improve existing products. However, the method that you use to introduce and apply the technology is critical to whether or not it will succeed. A technology implementation plan puts your employees and business in a position to succeed.

How to Create a Technology Implementation Plan

  1. Determine the Problem: First, you need to know what problem you are attempting to solve before you can identify the correct technology solution. Think carefully about what your strengths and weaknesses are and changes that you would like to have made.
  2. Get Decision Makers On Board: Decision makers are critical to the success of your technology implementation plan, so get them on board as early in the process as possible. When everyone unites behind a solution, everyone can benefit. All of the decision makers do not necessarily have to be on your technology implementation team, but they should be invested in the outcome.
  3. Find the Right Technology Implementation Team: Next, you want to find the right people to help you create and complete the technology implementation plan. You should include members of your IT department, operations team and marketing team, along with a skilled professional like the staff at Team Wasch to help guide the process.
  4. Think About the Business Processes: What business processes will the technology implementation plan intersect with? How will the technology change existing processes at your business? Will the technology require new business processes to be created? Team Wasch can help you consider how your new technology can alter your business processes and transform your business.
  5. Train: Creating training processes and conducting them is critical for your technology implementation plan. If you do a great job setting up the technology but nobody knows how to properly use it, it is effectively useless. Training sessions should be catered to all of the end users and be offered in a variety of flexible formats if possible.
  6. Define Key Performance Indicators: Finally, without established key performance indicators (KPIs), you will have no idea whether or not your technology implementation plan is working. Team Wasch can help you in identifying the best KPIs for your situation and measuring them throughout the implementation process. Depending on progress towards the goals, your implementation plan may need to be modified as you go.

Create an Effective Technology Implementation Plan with Team Wasch

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