How to Grow Your Business: 5 Tips To Scale Your Business So You Can Keep Up

Grant Wasch

Increasing growth in your business is not only a goal, but also an expected part of the business owning experience. Sometimes the growth can be uncontrollable, but how one handles the growth is crucial to maintaining success. Creating sustainable solutions so that your growing business runs as smooth as possible for your customers, clients and employees is called scaling your business. It is important to consider how you may want to scale your business even before seeing notable growth, so that your business can be prepared. Team Wasch’s solutions can take the stress out of the business scaling process.

5 Tips to Scale Your Business So You Can Keep Up

  1. Prioritize Customer Experience: As your business grows, you need to maintain your existing customer base. Evaluate which scaling strategies will help your business to continue delivering quality products and service to your customers. Are orders being sent late? Are customer service emails going unanswered? Has quality control fallen off? Anticipate customer needs and listen to their feedback.
  2. Build a Capable Team: Behind a successful business is the skilled team that makes it run. Keep in mind both your internal team and any possible outsourcing you might want to do. Make the workload easier by spreading out tasks and purposely curating them to those who will excel. If no one in your already existing team is well-versed in product design, hire an individual or consult with a company who is. Team Wasch is available for consulting in business matters of process improvement, technology integration, and project management.
  3. Weigh the Possibility of Technology Upgrades: Technology is an invaluable asset to streamline business processes. Take advantage of any new software or programs that will make it easier for your team to get the job done and reduce the possibility of tasks falling through the cracks. From inventory to manufacturing to customer service, there are a wide variety of tools to choose from, so you can choose the best fit.
  4. Implement Standardized Processes: A business needs a strong foundation to build on. This means a steady infrastructure made up of seamless processes. Which teams work together on which tasks? Who is delegated to each task in the production line? You and your team need a foundation with which to maintain stability as you make changes to accommodate the growth of your business.
  5. Calculate The Cost: It is the unfortunate truth that it costs money to make money. All the methods mentioned above have a price tag that needs to be taken into account. After initial planning, tally up an estimate for the expenses of the scaling process and calculate how you will fund the endeavor. You can pull from your own pocket, look into a business loan, or take on a business partner. If scaling is too much of a risk, keep this plan in mind for a more suitable time when your business has grown even more.

Create a Successful Plan for Scaling Your Fast-Growing Business with Team Wasch

Team Wasch understands the challenges of fast-growing businesses, and we know what it takes to get your business to the next level using business process design and business IT systems. To learn more about reducing costs, easing your growing pains and improving efficiency through working with our team, contact us today at 703-407-8020 or by emailing

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