How to Implement Business Process Improvement

Grant Wasch

If you’re interested in experiencing the benefits of business process improvement, one of the most critical parts of the process is the implementation. Even if you do a great job coming up with new ways to make your processes more cost-effective, efficient or streamlined, if the implementation process fails it will be limited in its actual impact. How can you successfully implement business process improvement?

What Is Business Process Improvement?

A business process is any series of tasks that you and your employees complete over and over again to create or deliver a service or product. Business processes can look like a broad variety of things, from the manufacturing steps it takes to finish creating a product in your warehouse to the steps that you use to follow up with customers who have a complaint about a service. Business processes can typically be reduced to a flow chart. Business process improvement is the practice of refining and improving existing business processes to be even better.

The Keys to Successful Business Process Improvement Implementation

  1. Identify the exact things that are problems within your current processes. Without a good idea of what needs to be optimized or fixed, you run the risk of making changes just for the sake of making changes. By firmly defining the things you are improving, you can also improve the likelihood that you will have strong employee buy-in.
  2. Get buy-in from all stakeholders and managers who are involved in the process. Buy-in is critical to ensure that you are properly optimizing the process and that the people who will be expected to promote the changes and adapt first are on board.
  3. Identify any resources that you will need to ensure rapid business process improvement implementation as early in the process as possible. Some of these may require additional investment on your part, so setting aside the money or time necessary as soon as possible is a good idea.
  4. Create trainings that are informative and focused on both why the changes to the processes are so critical and the changes themselves. When employees and stakeholders understand why the changes matter, they are much more likely to view them as important and implement them.

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