How to Scale a Fast-Growing Business: 10 Strategies for Growing a Small Business

Grant Wasch

Your strategies for growing your small business fast need to also be strategies that can make your business last. A small business should be able to grow and maintain that growth at the same time. This is done through scaling your business by creating sustainable solutions so that your business can run as smooth as possible for your customers, clients and employees as it grows.

Analysis and Planning

  1. Survey the landscape of your industry: Take some time to research the competition. What strategies seem to work for them? Are they adaptable to the shifting climate of the industry? What services or products do they provide? Are there gaps in your industry that your business can fill?
  2. Survey customer responses: Customers will be amongst the first people to notice any hitches in your business’s processes. Any issues that your business has while it’s small will only become exacerbated as you grow. If the issue pervasive enough, it could even prevent you from growing your client base. Listen to their feedback and take note of any recurring complaints.
  3. Craft a long-term business plan: short term growth is a success, but it can be fleeting and unadaptable. Long-term business plans are what grounds the vision. Think about where you want your business to be in a few years and construct rough steps as to how you can get there. This will keep you focused even as your business grows.
  4. Find investors: From using new technology to hiring skilled professional, scaling your business effectively is going to cost money. Share your long-term business plans with potential investors or research banks that offer loans to small businesses.
  5. Build an industry network: Consider making connections outside the business sphere. Other professionals such as suppliers and sales partners, as well as customers themselves, could give different perspectives and inside information about the industry that you can use to inform your own strategies.

Building A Foundation

  1. Keep business processes consistent through systematization: Take inventory of which business processes your business will always need to use, such as pay processing, product development or customer service. Create a standard system that makes these processes almost seamless. As your business grows, you will simply need to adapt these processes for a higher workload instead of creating whole new ones.
  2. Build a team: You’ll need a capable team to support the effective business processes you’ve put in place. Construct a core team that meets all the needs of your business plans. Identify any possible deficits and outsource the work to someone who can fill that role better.
  3. Utilize business technology: Technology can work wonders in streamlining business processes and making it easy to scale them appropriately as your business grows. Programs and software in a variety of areas such as customer service, inventory, and manufacturing can cut down the time and the number of steps your team has to take to complete tasks.

Scaling in Practice

  1. Increase sales: Now that you’ve laid the foundation, it’s time to work on growing the business itself through increasing revenue through sales. Build a sales strategy that outlines where you’ll focus your efforts and what sales goals you plan to achieve.
  2. Expand marketing reach: As you scale your sales, it’ll be necessary to scale your marketing efforts alongside it. Embrace scalable and adaptable marketing strategies, and take advantage of any technology that can automate operations.

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