The Complete Guide to Technology Implementation: How to Solve Every Problem

Grant Wasch

Successful technology implementation is one of the most critical elements of success for every business. The right technology can mean the difference between growing and shrinking, and a good implementation partner like Team Wasch can help. Here’s what every business needs to know about technology implementation and how to get things right.

How to Master Technology Implementation and Solve Problems

  1. Know What Your Employees Need: Before you select an implementation partner or solution, you need to have an in-depth understanding of what exactly your employees need to succeed. What employees need new technology? Who will need to use it on a daily basis? What are their current frustrations with the technology that you use now? Without a solid foundation of what exactly needs to be changed, you will never be able to guarantee that it will be changed through your solution.
  2. Find the Right Partner: Next, you need to find a great technology implementation partner. Team Wasch is a wonderful technology partner because we look at what is best for your specific company and stakeholders and not what is in our best interest. We understand the broader market and how to connect you with the right solution.
  3. Think Beyond the First Step: When you start the technology implementation process, you should have a complete road map before you get started with implementation. Many businesses are so excited to have a technology solution that they try to rush the process and end up with poor results. Map out the complete process, from the first interviews with your employees to post-implementation surveys to identify points from improvement. The time you invest now will pay off in the long run.
  4. Invest in Training: Training is so important whenever your business makes changes to what you do and how you do it. If you have a great technology implementation solution but do not show all of the features and options to your employees, it will never be as effective as it could be. We can help you determine the right way to train your employees and ensure that all functionality and features are being taken advantage of. Additionally, you should remember that training can occur long after the initial training session. Supplementary training to go over any changes to your processes or the software can be a great asset, and they can also be a chance to catch up new employees who might have missed the initial training sessions and have questions.

Create a Successful Technology Implementation Plan That Gets Results with Team Wasch

Team Wasch understands the challenges of fast-growing businesses, and we know what it takes to get your business to the next level using business process design and business IT systems. To learn more about reducing costs, easing your growing pains and improving efficiency through working with our team on technology implementation, contact us today at 703-407-8020 or by emailing

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