The Definitive Guide to Business Process

Grant Wasch

Defining, organizing and executing business processes can be a huge challenge for businesses of every size. By focusing on the business processes that help your business to operate and grow, you can experience higher levels of efficiency and growth. In this guide to business process, we hope you will find the basic information you need to get started optimizing your business.

What is a Business Process?

A business process is a series of steps that are used to accomplish any specific goal. These steps can be assigned to stakeholders who must accomplish them and arranged in a business process flow diagram. When every piece of the business process is working properly, your business will be more streamlined, better able to adapt to changes and prepared for major growth.

What Could a Business Process Look Like?

Let’s say that your business is looking to create a new service that is complementary to other services and products you offer. What would the business process look like?

  1. Complete market research to determine what elements the service should include.
  2. Find the most effective resources to help develop the service and meet market needs.
  3. Undergo additional market research to see if the service is a good fit based on your development so far.
  4. Adapt the service based on feedback.
  5. Create an effective marketing strategy to promote the new service.
  6. Start to offer the service to consumers.

While your unique situation might look different, this guide to business process should give you ideas of how defining the processes you use can make it easier to execute them properly.

A Quick Guide to Business Process Types

In general, there are three core types of business processes:

  1. Primary Processes: These are business processes that are essential to you getting your product or service directly to customers.
  2. Support Processes: These are the processes that don’t necessarily add value to the final product, but that are critical to ensuring the primary processes can occur.
  3. Management Processes: As the name indicates, these are the processes that concern corporate governance and operations. Management processes help to create the standards that the other two types of processes work to reach.

When all three of these types of processes are working properly, your business will have lower overhead, fewer human errors, better time management and improved communication.

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