The Easiest Way to Get More Done When You Work from Home

Grant Wasch

It’s no secret that remote work skyrocketed after the start of the pandemic. COVID-19 was undoubtedly a catalyst for a major and perceptible shift in the way we view work. However, the workforce was trending in that direction well beforehand. Between 2005 and 2018, for example, remote work increased by 173% (Global Workplace Analytics). It has become the norm, not so much out of necessity but due to a natural progression.

As the workforce continues to lean towards telecommuting, workers have to adjust their mindset and stay motivated on their own. This requires a great deal of discipline. If you work from home, perhaps you’ve struggled with finding new ways to stay on-task. With that being said, it’s a common misconception that remote work leads to idleness. Being more productive is a practice, and with any practice it takes time to improve. The easiest way to get more work done is to follow these easy steps.

1.      Have a Morning Routine

This may sound overly simplistic, but you should never underestimate the power of a basic morning routine. How you start your day matters. When you work from home, it’s easy to fall in the habit of sleeping in until the last possible minute and dragging yourself to your desk in your pajamas. A few hours later, though, you’ll probably still feel groggy and unproductive. A cup of coffee and a short walk can make a world of difference. Give yourself time to get moving, write in a journal, or read the morning news. Then whatever you do, stick to it: taking some time for yourself will improve your outlook and get you ready for the day ahead. You’ll look forward to it, and before long it will become a helpful practice.

2.      Choose Your Workspace Wisely

When we work from home, it’s difficult to separate those two worlds. We associate home with rest, relaxation and family, so it’s easy to see why someone might have trouble being productive at first. There are distractions at home that don’t exist at the office, and you’ll want to indulge in them. This is why choosing a workspace is so important. Your kitchen table can work in the interim, but try to find a space that belongs solely to you (and let other people know that when you’re there, you shouldn’t be interrupted). Create a place that is just for work and nothing else. From that point, you will be able to customize that area in a way that lends itself to your productivity.

3.      Pay Attention to What Works for You

Ultimately, everyone is different. What works for one person won’t work for someone else. For instance, some people need peace and quiet to focus whereas others need background noise. If you want to stay productive when you work from home, you have to pay attention to your own habits. Let’s say that the end of one workday, you got a lot accomplished. Take time to reflect: was there anything you did differently? Was there something that aided your productivity level? If so, repeat the same process and see if you can be just as productive the next day. As you continue to work from home, you’ll find that remote work provides the opportunity to experiment. Try new things and find what works for you specifically.

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