What Are the Benefits of Business Process Reengineering?

Grant Wasch
Business Process Reengineering (BPR) is a successful tool when your business needs to pivot and minor adjustments won’t cut it. BPR can take your existing processes and give them a total makeover so that they are more cost-effective, more efficient or more streamlined. What are some of the benefits of investing in business process reengineering with the help of an experienced company like Team Wasch?

The Benefits of Business Process Reengineering

  1. Clarify Your Purpose: Many businesses have not done an exceptional job defining processes with precision or even outlining every step of them. Business process reengineering gives you and other stakeholders a chance to sit down and think about what processes your business really needs. Before you can create the solutions, you need to know the problems and purpose.
  2. Streamlined Operations: BPR creates processes that are streamlined. By eliminating redundancy and cutting out extra steps, the critical tasks that your employees need to perform will be more straightforward than ever before. When your operations are more streamlined, it also often trickles over into increased productivity and greater cost-effectiveness.
  3. Better Results: When the processes that facilitate the creation and delivery of your products and services are optimized, the results themselves will also improve. Business process reengineering focuses your goals and boosts your efficiency to connect with customers more effectively, deliver your product as promised and grow your business.
  4. Maximum Return on Investment: When your systems are streamlined, you have a clear purpose and your employees are working as productively as possible, you can reap the best possible return on your investment.
  5. Big Results: Because BPR reimagines your entire processes, it is much more radical than Business Process Improvement. And since you are remodeling the house instead of simply changing the paint color on the wall, you can get results that are not possible with the latter.
  6. Reduced Expenses: Businesses can also use business process reengineering to cut costs. One study of the health insurance company CIGNA found that, when they used BPR techniques to make over major business sectors like customer service, they were able to recoup over $100 million. Even if your business is much smaller than a massive health insurance company, you could still save a great deal in taking the time to reimagine the way that you do things.
  7. Greater Understanding: Finally, business process reengineering also gives your business, employees and stakeholders an unparalleled opportunity to gain a greater understanding of what processes are actually critical to the business. For management team members who rarely get a chance to slow down and understand the systems supporting the business, BPR is a unique opportunity.

Improve Your Business Processes with Team Wasch

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