What Is Business Process Design?

Grant Wasch

How do you accomplish goals at your business? How do your employees meet their objectives on a daily, weekly and quarterly basis? One of the cornerstones of a successful business today is successful business process design (BPD). What is business process design, and how can you take advantage of this tool to streamline and optimize your workflow?

Busines Process Design 101

BPD is used to create or develop a new workflow or business process for your company from scratch. By using BPD, you will design a structured sequence of events that anyone at your business or on a specific team should take in order to accomplish a task, meet a goal or achieve a specific threshold of productivity. While the terms are sometimes used interchangeably, if you are refining and honing the processes already in use for a task or goal, you are performing business process redesign instead.

What Is the Value of Business Process Design?

Many businesses never take the time to sit down and complete BPD tasks. Instead of structuring and formalizing the processes that should be used, they complete the process because they know it so well. Unfortunately, when you don’t map out and analyze the structure of how tasks are completed, you can end up doing things in an inefficient, costly and tedious manner. BPD looks critically at what you need to accomplish to come up with the best way to get to the finish line.

Business process design is also valuable because you ensure that everyone is completing tasks the right way. It’s easy to think your methods are obvious when your business is small, but as you grow and new people join your team, you might end up with numerous employees using different processes instead of the one that you have time-tested to be the best. Inconsistent processes lead to inconsistent results. Inconsistent processes can also mean lower output and productivity from your team members. If you want to always get the most out of each employee and each workday, business process design is the tool to help get you there. Team Wasch can help you through every step of the process.

Improve Your Systems with Team Wasch

Team Wasch understands the challenges of fast-growing businesses, and we know what it takes to get your business to the next level using business process design and business IT systems. To learn more about reducing costs, easing your growing pains and improving efficiency through working with our team, contact us today at 703-407-8020 or by emailing info@teamwasch.com.

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